Kessler Sponsorship Information and Request Form

Kessler Crane, Inc (“Kessler”) supports professional and amateur filmmakers through numerous events, workshops, programs and sponsorships each year.  Kessler requires anyone requesting equipment (loaner or discount) or sponsorship of events, workshops, and programs to apply using this request form. The guidelines and FAQ’s for our Sponsorship Program are set forth below. Please read these guidelines and FAQ’s fully before submitting your request related to the Program.

Things to keep in mind before submitting an application:

Due to the volume of requests Kessler receives here are some tips to help us find your application compelling:

  • Have a plan in place and list details. We want to know how, when and where you will be shooting with our gear. Do you have a script and or storyboard? Do you have details on a previous event’s success? If so, send them our way.
  • Outline the benefits of sponsorship. How will this sponsorship help you AND Kessler? How will you promote your project/event and how will you promote our products?
  • Show us your work: Send links to your best content produced to date. We can learn a lot from watching your previous work.
  • Tell us what other fundraising you’re doing. Are you on Have you requested sponsorship from others and who has partnered with you?
  • Be realistic. We love filmmaking, and love to have a hand in creative projects we can partner with, but we cannot partner with everyone and we cannot afford to give endless gear away. Think about what you really want and need for your project, even if it’s just recognition and ask accordingly.

General Guidelines:

  • This Program is targeted to professional and amatuers alike.
  • Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. We have a limited amount of equipment and resources available, so not all qualified requests can be supported. Kessler’s decision regarding a request is made in its sole, non-reviewable discretion and is final.
  • Requests need to be submitted 3-6 months prior to the date of the event or shoot
  • Due to the high volume of requests we receive, please allow 1-2 weeks for a response once you have submitted your request.
  • Details of sponsorship within the Program are not to be shared unless authorized to do so by the Kessler marketing department

General Expectations:

  • If awarded sponsorship within the Program, marketing expectations are as follows:
    • Kessler branding and credits on materials produced, including but not limited to videos, films, advertising
    • Consistent mention of Kessler on digital and social media posts i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, blogs, websites, etc.
    • Bi-weekly updates on project progress
  • A digital copy of all materials produced where Kessler is mentioned

If you would like Kessler Crane, Inc. to consider a sponsorship opportunity, please completely fill out the form below. Please note that you may not receive a response for 1-2 weeks and we do not make any guarantee that all requests will be approved.

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