Static Time-Lapses
When starting to shoot a time-lapse I highly recommend starting with static time-lapses. Like anything, it is key to start with a solid foundation. There are a few key aspects of shooting a time-lapse that you will want to understand. First off, it is key that you have the right equipment.

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Motion Controlled Time-Lapses
Similar to static time-lapses, make sure you have chosen your camera settings based on your specific needs. You will want to make sure to consult the Static Time-lapse section before proceeding. The biggest difference between static and motion controlled time-lapses is that you are using movement to help tell your story.

For motion controlled time-lapses, you will need to consider the path you want to take with your camera. Always take test images along the path your camera is traveling to ensure you are happy with the image at all times. Think of a motorized time-lapse as a series of photos. Any image in the clip should tell a story so it should be your goal to find the best path for your camera to take in order to best tell your story.

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Batteries / Kessler Canon Battery Adapter
High-Speed Memory Cards
ND Filter(s)
Laser for night-focusing
Lens Cleaning Kit
Gaff Tape

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