The Birth of a Superior product:

At Kessler Crane, we understand what it means to shoot on a tight budget without compromising your creative endeavor. We also understand the disappointment in current camera crane / camera jib models on the market. It is this understanding that ignited the motivation to create a quality, affordable, easily functioning camera crane / camera jib that tops others costing 3-4 times as much. After renting/owning more than 9 different makes and models of cranes / jibs ranging in price from $279 to over $2000, we started to notice something…

There was always something missing.

We were never 100% happy. There were positive things about each piece of equipment, but no single product encompassed what we felt were the necessary features of a solidly built crane system.

We decided to change that with our product design background, up to date manufacturing techniques and cutting edge CNC technology, we have achieved our goal. Owning a modestly priced first-rate camera crane / camera jib is no longer a dream.