A breakdown of the shoot by Joel Graves


With the upcoming release of Second Shooterâ„¢, we wanted to get a unit out to one of our shooters to see how they interacted with the system and get their feedback. Our plan had already been to send a system to Kessler Shooter Eric Hines for testing, so when the opportunity presented itself to join him on a shoot we decided to jump on board and capture the experience.

C300 provided by LensProToGo


Going into to the shoot I knew northern Michigan would provide the best locations for the mood of the piece. It has very unique locations and structures for time-lapses, along with dark skies for astro-shots. Michigan was a place that Eric was already very familiar with after countless scouting trips to the region which took a lot of the guess work out of our planning. Eric chose his favorite spots and laid out a map for travel and scheduling which allowed us to properly plan for costs, time and gear.


Due to the nature of shooting time-lapses and the distance between our locations in northern Michigan, this project had of lot of travel time. The locations averaged around 3 hours apart and our furthest location was just over 8 hours from home. We basically showed up to each location ready to shoot after a very quick scout and walk-through.


Working with C300 footage has been interesting, to say the least. Bringing the footage into Premiere Pro took some time to get it just right which was really my only hangup with the camera. The camera shoots amazing footage and is very easy to work in the field.

I initially wanted to use Davinci Resolve for color, but due to some complications I ended up coloring in Premiere Pro with Magic Bullet Looks. I was actually impressed with how everything turned out. I didn’t want the look very contrasty, but instead something mild and filmic. Here is a look at a few before & after color grade:


An in-depth look at the gear used will be coming soon.

  • Javi Behr Fernandez

    Whats the hand-held gimbal rig you guys used?

    • Joel Graves

      Movi M10

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