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Through a process of trial and error we can better understand what works and what doesn’t and in turn find our voice as filmmakers. The same holds true for any endeavor. Unless you really push yourself, you’ll never reach your full potential. At Kessler, this philosophy is a key component to the daily operations of the company. A tremendous amount of resources and effort goes into continually pushing the gear to its limits. Getting the gear into the hands of filmmakers so they can give real-world feedback is vital to continuing to improve and innovate. Director of Photography, Tom Guilmette recently made the trek to Indiana with a Fastec TS4 so we could battle test the Kessler CineDrive in the high-speed world.

Special thanks to Matt Kearney at Fastec Imaging.

Tom Focus V2

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  • Jesse Brauning

    I love me some Tom Guilmette!

  • PhilipBloom

    Terrific stuff guys and Tom, incredibly well articulated. Love it.

  • PhilipBloom

    be great to see an illustraiton or even video of exactly how your programmed it to show how people can use it as am sure some thing it’s terrifying!

  • tariksykes


  • Great example of some real world uses of this gear. Love the wine shots with the LED’s.

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