Whether it’s commercial or documentary work, there is often the opportunity to include photographs within your film, as part of the story you are telling. The challenge is to find a creative way to incorporate images into your video without pulling the viewer out of the story. Cutting to a digital pan and zoom effect can really break your flow. 
Think about any feature length Hollywood film that incorporates images – they are nearly always in an environment and filmed like many other pickups would be. That was the impetus behind the idea of a Photoscape. 
How do we shoot a photo in a way that adds to the story, has an emotional depth, and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb?
In this tutorial, we’ll run through the idea of a Photoscape and how we applied this for our feature length documentary #standwithme.
If you enjoy this tutorial, you’ll also enjoy our Storytelling With Heart tour that Kessler is helping bring across the country. It’s three parts interactive workshop experience and one part in-the-field shooting. Join us as we share the approaches and ideas that help to bring a remarkable story to life. Then get out in the field and shoot with the Stillmotion team the following day while trying awesome Kessler gear, the Movi, and some awesome cameras.

  • John Craft

    Thank you!

  • Steve

    Very nice! I will incorporate this into my next interviews. Thanks for the tip.

  • Excellent idea, thanks for sharing it. I know it will come in handy one of these days.

  • Jerome

    which motor pod was used in this example? the 100 or 500?

    • Joel Graves

      It is most likely a 100 series.

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