photo of someone attaching the Kessler Crane Parallax to a CineSlider

The Kessler Parallax™ system provides automatic panning and fixed-point shooting capabilities to the Kessler line of sliders. Previously only capable with motorized panning devices, Kessler Parallax™ accomplishes inward and outward panning shots, providing users a second axis to their linear movements. The Kessler Parallax’s™ non-intrusive design allows users to choose between automatic panning or standard linear sliding without removing the Parallax bar.

Kessler Parallax™ does not require specific measurement calibration and does not have a fixed subject distance requirement to accomplish 2 axis panning and fixed-point linear sliding shots. Capable of manual or motorized control.

Compatible with traveler and standard length Pocket Dolly v2.0 BASIC, Pocket Dolly v2.0, Stealth & Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly as well as the traveler, 3′ & 5′ CineSlider.

Expected price: $399.95
Projected Availability: Mid to late summer



  • This looks fantastic, we’ve been using a GlideTrak for a while, but what we see here is marvellous. motorised panning, with auto fixed point shooting is precisely what we want to achieve .. our current Glidetrak cannot do this easily.

    Can you tell me what this system as shown would cost (to the UK) please?



    • Pricing for unit is estimated to be $400. As for shipping, best to check with the sales team at sales at kesslercrane dot com.

  • I’m gonna have to stack my chips and cop one of these!! i LOVE it. THIS will make me switch from my DIY slider to this because of the extra feature!! bananas!!!

  • Chris

    It’s so simple yet so smart.

  • This will be really cool if there is a way to loop the movement using my elektraDRIVE BASIC or my ORACLE Controllers. Do you know if there is a way to indicate the movement back and forth once and then let the controller automatically do it over and over again the whole duration of an interview? This way I could leave the B camera working on its own while I attend the A camera which is doing a close up of the interview.
    Also is this system pretty silent?

  • So very clever. A simple, yet effective solution to what everyone is trying to do. I can’t wait for this to come out, I’m buying it immediately!! Thanks Kessler

  • James

    Will this work with Pocket Dolly PB version Mini (24″) Really need one that fits in my 26″ suite case.

    • Yes, the plan is to have it work with the traveler just not the mini.

  • Joel

    Has a release date been set yet?

  • Can I put a Sony PMW 350 on a Kessler Parallax?

    • Yes. You will probably want to use it in conjunction with the Cineslider.

  • Any updates on availability?

    • Yet TBD. But they are working on it! Keep watching the blog.

  • JEan

    Does anybody know what is the size of this rod, it’s 15 mm?

    Amazing gear!

  • Abe

    I have a doc shoot coming up on Sept 9th. Will it be available before then?

  • Well, it’s the end of summer. Any updates on availability?

  • Will

    Bring one down to Masters in Motion! Cineslider is the best slider on the market so this will be an excellent addition. Not clear on if the motor is part of the package or an additional charge…

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