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In this video, we showcase the features, assembly and use of the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler. (If you would like to view the quick start video, please click here).

About the Pocket Jib Traveler

The Pocket Jib Traveler was designed to fit into the ultra-jib category of products. Like other similar jibs on the market, the key features are its portability and size. However, there are a few features of the Pocket Jib Traveler that helps it stand out.



Unlike other ultra portable jibs, the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler has drag control & locks. These drag controls and locks are a great additional accessory for fine-tuning the way in which you operate the jib. Your side-to-side movement is controlled by the lever on the base of the jib. By adjusting how loose or tight this lever is, you can fine tune the drag. When you completely lock the lever, you have locked out the side-to-side movement. As for your up-and-down movement, you control this using the knob on the side of the jib. You can fine tune the drag by adjusting how tight or loose the knob is.


Another great feature of this system is that it completely folds up with no protruding elements, which makes it easy to strap to a backpack or put in a suitcase. Most other ultra-jibs on the market also have to be taken apart into pieces and they require much more setup time.


The Pocket Jib Traveler also bodes a higher weight capacity than other similar sized jibs while maintaining a lightweight design. It was engineered with weight reducing window cuts done in a way that maintains its structural integrity. Its overall weight is 5 ½ lbs (5 lbs without the included ½ lbs weight bar). In regards to its weight capacity, this system can support up to 10 lbs. One aspect that helps the system support more weight is the center mounted camera platform which aids in the system’s overall stability.


Another strength of this system is the way in which you balance the system. Most other ultra-jibs balance ratio forces you to use more weights. However, the Pocket Jib Traveler was designed with a telescopic, adjustable weight bar that allows you to balance the system with less counterbalance weights than other systems that have shorter, fixed length weight bars. To fine tune, you simply need to adjust the sliding weight bar.

Pocket Jib Traveler Teaser Video


Setup of the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler is extremely easy. Although the system was designed to be ready to snap in if used in conjunction with the Kessler Kwik Release System (kwik release plate not included), it can be mounted using such things as the 100mm ball mount, or ⅜” stud mount. Once you have attached the jib, you will then want to remove the strap.

You will then want to take the rear section, swing it out, slide it into the chassis, and then screw it tight. You’ll notice in the video that there is a Kessler Kwik Release Plate attached to the front of the jib. This jib was designed to keep a Kwik Release Plate attached on the jib for fast assembly so that when it is folded out using the locking basket, you can quickly drop your camera onto the jib. (Please note that the Kessler Kwik Release plate is not included).

Similar to other Kessler Jibs, this system has adjustable lock pockets. To extend the jib, simply loosen the screws and extend, making sure the relationship of the upper and lower rail is correct. Unlike other jib cranes that use just friction, with lock pockets you never have to ever worry about the rails slipping.

Once you have the system extended and camera attached, you then need to attach a counter weight and there are a few different solutions. In the video, we use the standard weights configuration.

Now, if you don’t want to carry around the standard weight solution, you are able to use sandbags or other similar solutions as they have built in hooking loops into the design so you can either hang the bags directly or from a carabiner hook. One thing to be aware of if you are going that route is that you may experience minor swaying of faster side-to-side movements so just be aware of that when you are operating.

Once you have attached your weights, there is an adjustable / sliding weight bar. If you are hiking and don’t want to carry the weight bar with you, it is removable.

The Kessler Crane Pocket Jib Traveler – Quick Start


Because of this jibs size and portability, it is a great solution for a variety of shooting environments including hard to access locations (such as mountain tops or rooftops), low impact shooting environments (such as house tours or weddings), travel (if you want to throw in a suitcase) and many other similar situations. The Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler is the perfect solution when you are unable to bring full size jibs or cranes with you.

If you have any questions about the Pocket Jib Traveler or want to find out more, check out
  • Bob Cole

    The videos on the pocket jib contain motion control shots; more information about how to make those would be good.

    • We will be releasing a new bts shortly which will give you a brief look at how shots like those are accomplished :).

  • Preston,
    Big Fan of your work and Kessler! Solid Product, I am going to order this when it’s available, quick question, what set of Manfroto Sticks are you using in your “Pocket Jib Traveler Video – Featuring Preston Kanak” Thanks!


    • Thanks! They are the Manfrotto 190CXPRO’s. You’ll love the jib. Sooo portable and quick to setup.

  • What tripod are you using in your Video with the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler, I can see it’s a Manfroto, but which model?

  • I note that the capacity is 10 lbs, but is that also fully extended? I mean there must be a limit as to when you start getting bounce although the design does look pretty sturdy. Have you tried doing quick vertical movements with hard stops?

    • Yes, it is rated at 10lbs all the way through. As for quick movements with hard stops, virtually all jibs / cranes will not be smooth on hard stops. The key to operating any jib/crane is treating it like a dance :).

  • Carlos Fernandes

    My question is If this New JiB can make tilt like the kc-lite?

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