Happy Birthday


Today, at Kessler Crane, we celebrate the birthdays of both Eric Kessler and Joel Graves. It would be easy to make jokes about how we are going to need a Pocket Jib to lift all those candles on to the cake or how Eric is so old now, maybe we should change the name to Kessler Cane.

We would never dream of doing that though. Instead, we just wanted to take a moment to wish both of these gentlemen a Happy Birthday. Without their tireless dedication, hard work, and dastardly good looks things just wouldn’t be the same around here.

Happy Birthday from all of us! You both deserve it.

UPDATE: We did actually start making fun of Eric Kessler for his birthday on Twitter. Use #EricKesslerRoast on Twitter to join in the fun or just take a look and see what everyone else is saying about our fearless leader.

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