Kessler Crane Chili cook off

From small social gatherings of family and friends to large scale commercial competitions the chili cook-off has carved itself a beloved place in American culture. Just such a competition is taking place in Plymouth, Indiana. It’s going to be a test of culinary prowess as the gloriously spicy battle royale is happening today. It’s a winner takes all, standing room only, fight for the bragging rights as Champion of The 2nd Annual Kessler Crane Chili Cook-Off. Will last year’s champion Jason Woodford continue his domination of the inter-office competitive chili circuit, will an upstart from Philadelphia topple the throne, will an unexpected dark horse candidate snatch the crown? Only time will tell.

May the best chili win.

This year also features the debut break out of the Ham and Bean category. Will Eric Kessler’s entry have him living high on the hog or will someone else be bringing home the bacon?

Stay tuned. We’ll be spilling the beans on the results later.

  • Good job guys. Apparently the discerning palates of the Kessler crew have given Jon “The Terminator” Connor the distinguished honor of being the winner of the 2nd Annual Kessler Chili Cookoff. Frankly, I am not impressed. This guy thinks he can come in from out of town, forget to add some ingredients, and then just add them in when he gets here in the morning? Then, on top of that, he miraculously pulls out a victory? I demand a recount. Oh well, at least we all know who has a target on their back NEXT year…

  • Nate “Runner Up” Howell

    I’m most upset that the “fungus” chili won. Jon and his magic mushrooms have brought disgrace to the Marshall County Chili Standards Board of Ethics. An investigation is pending.

  • Jon “The Champion” Connor

    Not sure what tasted better, my chili or victory. Good job fellas sorry we all couldn’t win but this isn’t tee-ball. Welcome to the Big Leagues.

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