Tom Baurain Breaks Down the Ins and Outs of Raw Timelapse


Why shoot timelapse using raw instead of jpgs?  The Red Owl, Tom Baurain explains it’s for two reasons:  quality and control.  Raw files have much more information that can result in greater quality to your timelapse.

The larger files not only hold more color information, but the size of these images allows you the ability crop out what you don’t want or pan and scan without compromising quality.

The very nature of the raw file allows you to tweak the image in such a way that allows you to achieve the look you want without baking that look into the file itself.

Taking advantage of the Raw format isn’t without peril, but the Red Owl breaks it all down with this Raw workflow.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this video:

  • What gear you need for timelapse
  • Adjusting your cameras settings to prevent “flicker”
  • Setting up a file system to ensure compatibility with After Effects
  • How to tweak your image in the Camera Raw interface
  • The switches in the Camera Raw interface and what they do
  • Monitor your results in Adobe Bridge
  • Importing into AfterEffects and rendering your composition

On top of all this, Baurain also reveals some other great resources. For further learning, please visit the links below.

General Learning


“Behind The Glass” with Vincent Laforet and Blake Whitman

Lens Cleaning with Jared Abrams


  • fxguidetv #74

Color Correction


  • LRTimelapse and click “tutorial” for several great tutorials on LRTimelapse

Other Useful Resources

If you’re thinking about doing timelapse or if you’ve done one but want to improve, then it’s imperative you watch this video.  You can find out more about The Red Owl, on his website at


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