Aleksander Sakowski and Lissandra Leite of Sakowski Studios were good enough to put together this awesome tutorial showing you how to do stop-motion photography using Kessler’s Oracle Motion Control system.

In recent years, stop-motion photography has become scarce due to CGI.  However, with producers like Aleksander Sakowski and the Oracle Motion Control System from Kessler, it is rapidly becoming more prevalent.  Currently, Sakowski Studios is in pre-production on a short stop-motion film “Bullshit”.   Look for more from Sakowski Studios and “Bullshit” soon on Kessler U.

For more information about Sakowski Studios, check out their website at: www.sakowskistudios.com.

  • Thanks for demonstrating this.

    One questions: Is there a solution yet to trigger the dolly system externally, when you work with a stop-motion software like Dragon Stop Motion?

    Meaning: The software controls the camera (shooting) and triggers the moco system to the move to the next step.

    This way you could use all the awesome features in Dragon Stop Motion needed for easy and effective working in stop-motion.

    Obviously you could have the two systems separately (triggering the camera with your software and triggering the moco system by hand), but this would rather be an inconvenient way to do it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Steve Abrams

    That’s a good question, Max. I am using the Dragonframe software as well, and it would be great if the Kessler Oracle and CineSlider could integrate with the animation process. Hopefully someone frm Kessler will answer us, eventually.

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