Filmmaker and Kessler Shooter, Philip Bloom, just recently finished a short that he shot, edited and stared in, with no one but himself. How was this feat of filmmaking possible? With help from the Kessler Oracle remote, Cineslider and of course Arri’s Alexa camera.  Here’s what Philip had to say about about his latest short, Terminus:

“The Arri Alexa is considered the best digital cinema camera out there. It’s heavy but capable of stunning images. How do you get camera movement when you are filming yourself and have no operator? Exactly the same as if you were using a DSLR that’s how! Although due to the camera’s weight the Cineslider was the slider needed, coupled with the Oracle controller and it couldn’t have been easier!

I placed the Cineslider on my kitchen table, mounted the Alexa to the caddy, ideally you would use a high hat but I want the camera to be as close to the table as possible, so I mounted the camera plate to the caddy.  Plugging in the Oracle I simply performed a real time slider move using the joystick and got the Oracle to remember it by holding down one of the 3 program buttons, then simply performed the move in real time. Once the move was performed.

I simply returned the camera to the start position and pressed the program button and off it went, although at the start of the program I did press the top button of the joystick waited for ten seconds then started the move. This gave me enough time to get in position before it started!

The Cineslider can take the weight of your smallest camera to the beast that is the Alexa. it’s the most versatile slider on the market and coupled with the Oracle I was able to give the illusion that the crew was bigger than just me!”

For more about ‘Terminus’, including in depth behind the scenes and pictures, go to Philip’s site at philipbloom.net.

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