There is an insane amount of activity at NAB.  If you’re merely attending, it’s tiring enough, but if you’re exhibiting and or covering the show, it’s overwhelming both mentally and physically.

So while many of us were resting, taking in a show, hitting private parties, gambling or gorging on buffets, Philip Bloom and Eric Kessler were up to something else:  a multi-camera HDR timelapse shoot.

Here’s more from Philip:

So this piece…I had already done two films of view from hotel rooms recently. The one in Sydney and the one in Seattle. I was hotel roomed out.

There is only so much you can do without what you are doing feeling repetitious even if you are capturing something totally new.

Being inspired makes filming so much more fun! I was pretty much burned out after the 12 city tour of Canon Filmmakers Live so I was not very inspired when I got to Vegas. Just dead!

The process of actually filming timelapses is not a lot of fun most of the time. Very time consuming and this one was by far the most time consuming I have ever done. Doing them in controlled environments where you can leave them for many many hours makes things easier there is no doubt. Sitting with a camera for 12 hours + whilst it captures a timelapse is not much fun, and I really don’t have the patience to do or the time to be totally honest.

I booked the room at the MGM Signature many months ago. Around the summer of last year. I wanted a great view with the plan of doing an epic timelapse there. Although I hadn’t seen what the view was. It said “View of strip”. That sold me on it.
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