In this first episode of Pimp Your Production, host Ryan Connoly shows us how to transform a dull, stagnant establishing shot into something dynamic and dramatic with the Pocket Jib.

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  • Richard

    This is excellent. I’ve never really understood how to use Jibs, but now it makes more sense. Love the wacky presentation style. Nice job.

  • Allen

    Good stuff. I found this off one of your FilmRiot videos where you mentioned Pimp Your Production. I own a jib and unfortunately have not put it to good use yet. I’d love to do more real filmmaking but currently just do video reviews of products and while I can do some interesting shots of the products using the jib, I guess i’ve been too lazy to really put it to work! Great production here, and look forward to many more. Thanks.

  • Darre Wolff

    I want a Pocket Jib. Send me one now Film Making Robot or maybe I’ll save some money and buy one instead. Yes….I know, it’s the latter that I need to do. Thanks.

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